Pvdf Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet

Alloy: 1050,1100,3003,3004,5005,5052

Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm for coil;1.0-6.0mm for sheet/plate

Width: Max 1850mm

Coating material: PVDF(fluorocarbon) / PE(polyester)

Coating Thickness: 15-30μm or request, one side or both sides

Color: RAL, Sample color request.

Packing: seaworthy export standard wooden pallet.

Customization: Specifications can be customized according to requirements, special sizes, shapes, surface coating colors can be customized.

Pvdf Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet

Pvdf Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet

Henan HWALU Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional PVDF powder-coated aluminum sheet manufacturer. It uses a color coating production line to apply one or more layers of fluorocarbon/polyester paint on the aluminum alloy surface through pretreatment, roller coating, baking and other processes. It can also be painted with different patterns to make the aluminum plate decoration better.

Henan HWALU Industrial Co., Ltd. produces various types of PVDF powder-coated aluminum sheets with a width of up to 1850mm. Specifications such as thickness and weight can be customized according to engineering processing. The factory directly supplies, with low prices and after-sales guarantee.

After cleaning, chrome plating, rolling, baking, etc. , The surface of the aluminum coil is painted with various colors of paint, that is, the PVDF powder-coated aluminum sheet.

The chemical composition of aluminum and aluminum alloy for aluminum plate shall meet the requirements of GB/T 3190, and the mechanical properties shall meet the requirements of GB/T 3880.2.

The outdoor aluminum plate should be made of 3XXX series or 5XXX series aluminum alloy.

Available thicknesses and sizes?

Typical thicknesses of stock aluminum sheets are 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm. 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm are commonly used for interior decoration (partitions, screens, ceilings, trim, wall coatings, artwork, etc.). ), 2.5-5.0mm for outdoor (exterior walls, balcony guardrails, special-shaped shutters, fences, gates, etc.). ).

The conventional size of aluminum plate material, the standard size is 1220x2440mm, the width range is 900~1500mm, and the length range is 1800~6000mm, and any shape can be flexibly made according to the construction drawing.

The chemical composition of aluminum and aluminum alloy used in the aluminum plate meets the requirements of GB/T3190, and the mechanical properties meet the requirements of GB/T3880. 2. The outdoor aluminum plate should be 3xxx series or 5xxx series aluminum alloy.

Pvdf Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet

Application of PVDF Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet

Used in airport terminals, aircraft maintenance stations, stations, railway stations, subway stations, high-speed railway stations, as well as large transportation hubs, exhibition centers, libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, museums, visitor centers, exhibition halls, large-scale public entertainment facilities , public service buildings, large shopping malls, commercial facilities, office buildings, hotels, clubs, steel structure workshops, four S shops, roof renovation and renovation, residential buildings, villas and other building roofing and wall systems.

PVDF Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet Features:

  • Low density and light weight (1/3 the weight of steel and stainless steel).
  • Easy to handle and reinforced.
  • Good plasticity and easy processing.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Not brittle at low temperature.
  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • sound absorbing.
  • Nuclear radiation protection.
  • Beautiful, the surface has anti-aging and weather resistance functions.
  • The addition of alloys 3 and 5 resulted in stronger hardness and better elongation.
  • The performance of PVDF color coated sheet/coils

    Item Test Item Standard National standard Test Result
    1 Color Difference ECCA T3 ΔE≤2.0 ΔE≤1.5
    2 Gloss Difference ECCA T2 ≤10 ≤5
    3 Coating Thickness ECCA T1 Two layers Min 23μm ≥25μm
    Three layers Min 30μm ≥34μm
    4 Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 ≥HB HB
    5 T-bend ASTM D4145 ≤2T ≤2T
    6 Adhesion ASTM D3359 Grade 0 Grade 0
    7 Impact ASTM D2794 ≥50kg.cm ≥50kg.cm
    8 Boiling water Resistance GB/T17748 2h No change 4h No change
    9 Solvent Resistance ASTM D2248 200 times paints remaining 500 times no break
    10 Acidity Resistance ASTM D1308 5%HCL 24hrs No change No change
    11 Alkali Resistance ASTM D1308 5%NaOH 24hrs No change color △E≤2.0 No change
    12 Nitric acid Resistance AAMA620 △E≤5.0 △E≤5.0
    13 Oil Resistance ASTM D1308 20#oil 24hrs No change No change
    14 Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B117 4000hrs ≤Grade 1 No change
    15 Abrasion resistance ASTM D968 ≥5L/μm ≥5L/μm
    16 Dirt Resistance GB/T9780 ≤5% <5%
    17 Color retaining GB/T16259 4000 hrs△E≤4.0 4000 hrs △E≤3.0
    18 Gloss weaken Level 4000 hrs ≤ Grade 2 4000 hrs ≤ Grade 2
    19 Chalking 4000 hrs No change 4000 hrs No change

    More about PVDF powder coated aluminum sheet:

    After the aluminum plate is coated with fluorocarbon coating, various excellent properties such as heat insulation and anti-corrosion, fingerprint resistance, anti-fading, high strength, long life and anti-corrosion are added, making the aluminum plate more practical and durable.

    Crimson, blue sky pattern, green, dark green, light bean green are very popular among customers.

    Henan HWALU Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of PVDF powder-coated aluminum sheets and provides export trade services. PVDF powder coated aluminum sheet has the advantages of antibacterial, self-cleaning, high weather resistance, antistatic, heat insulation and anticorrosion, fingerprint resistance, self-cleaning and so on.

    We provide you with the price information of PVDF powder-coated aluminum sheet for free, the delivery time is on time, the price is low, welcome to consult the quotation!

    Pvdf Powder Coated Aluminum Sheet

    General PVDF coated aluminium sheet The hardness tested with a pencil is only Hb, which can only be used for general decorative purposes.

    For the project with complicated processing technology or easy contact with hard objects, it is easy to scratch or scratch the surface.Anti-scratch PVDF coated aluminium sheet Adopt the particle anti-scratch coating curing process, the strength is more than 5 times of the ordinary PVDF coated aluminium sheet , can resist the scratch of sharp objects.

    PVDF coated aluminium sheet Nitric Acid Resistance Test Standard

    Pour 100mL of analytically pure nitric acid with a mass fraction of 60%~68% into a 200mL~250mL large mouth bottle, cover the sample on the bottle mouth, keep the coating facing down for 30 minutes, rinse and wipe dry , Observe the color change immediately after placing it for 1 hour, compare the color of the acid-exposed and unexposed surface layer, and measure with a colorimeter.