4x8 Aluminum Diamond Plate

Sheet thickness: 1.30---6.50mm,1/8', 3/16', 1/4 inch

Pattern height: 0.5mm - 1.00mm

Width: Maximum 1650mm

Length: Maximum 6000mm

Pattern: diamond,five bars

Size: 2x8', 4x8'(48x96),4x10 (48″ x 120″),5x10',1200×2400mm, 1219×2458mm, 1219×5048mm

urface: One side diamond, the other side mill finish.

Alloy: 3000, 6000 series etc

Alu temper: Soft O - H112 etc

Technology: hot rolled ( DC ), cold rolling ( CC ), cast

Standard: ASTM B209, GB/T 3880, EN AW etc,OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Aluminum Diamond Plate

Take you to know 4x8 Aluminum Diamond Plate

There are many kinds of metal diamond plates in life, the common ones are diamond plate steel, aluminum diamond plate and so on. Among them, the most used is the aluminum diamond plate.

Diamond plates are sometimes also called aluminum treads, aluminum floors, or aluminum lattice plates, which have good forming, drilling, and welding capabilities, aluminum diamond plates are easy to manufacture, and their proposed diamond pattern provides good slip resistance.

Diamond plate aluminum thickness

The thickness of our aluminum diamond plate is determined by the customer and can be customized. Common thicknesses are 1/4 inch aluminum diamond plate (0.25), 1/8 inch aluminum diamond plate (0.125), 3/16 inch aluminum diamond plate.

We offer diamond plates in a variety of sizes to fit your project, big or small. Of these, the 4×8 diamond plate is the most commonly used size.

There is also the following size and thickness to choose from: (inch):


0.063 inch, 0.08 inch,0.1 inch, 0.375 inch, 0.5inch.


2′ x 8′ (24″ x 96″), 36″ x 144″, 4′ x 10′ (48″ x 120″), 48×144, 48″ x 180″, 48×192, 60×120, 60×144, 60×192, 60×96,72×144, 72×192 inch.

Aluminum Diamond Plate

Thickness charts of common diamond aluminum plate sheets

0.125 1/8 48 x 96 4×8′
0.188 3/16 48 x 96 4×8′
0.25 1/4 48 x 96 4×8′

Colored diamond plate

We offer a wide range of colours to choose from so you can find the perfect diamond aluminium sheet for your needs.

  • High Polished Diamond Plate:
  • Has an impressive specular gloss and surface finish.

  • Bright Black Aluminium Diamond Plate:
  • A sleek, dark fit for a sleeker, cleaner look

  • Metal Grey Diamond Plate:
  • Features a less shiny, more industrial look and finish

  • Race red diamond nameplate:
  • with red finish

    Colored diamond plate

    Ordinary aluminum diamond plate alloy

    3000 series and 6000 series alloy aluminum can be used as the raw material for diamond discs, specific to alloys, commonly used are 6061-T6 and 3003-H14, 3003-H22.

    Alloy 6061-T6 can have a dull or shiny finish and is harder and more durable, while 3003-H14 has a shiny finish that is softer and easier to form.

    6061 Alloy Aluminum Diamond Plate - Polished

    6061 aluminum sheet provides strength, slip resistance and durability. While its finish is not as flashy as grade 3003, 6061 aluminum diamond sheet is widely used in industrial applications - floors, loading ramps, trench covers, dock floors, stair treads, elevator floors, freezer floors, and more. 6061 aluminum diamond plate has higher strength and corrosion resistance, and is easy to weld and machine, but has limited formability.

    Aluminum Diamond Plate

    3003 Alloy Aluminum Diamond Disc – Polished

    The 3003 tread is diamond plated for easy welding, drilling or machining. The brilliant shine of the aluminum diamond plate adds sparkle, along with durability. AKA: Aluminum Diamond Plate, Aluminum Pedals, Bright Tread, Aluminum Flooring, this highly reflective, economical product is widely used in decorative, cosmetic and architectural applications.

    Aluminum diamond plate has good forming, drilling and welding ability, easy to manufacture, and its raised diamond pattern provides good anti-skid performance.

    Aluminum Diamond Plate

    3003-H22 aluminum is 3003 aluminum in the H22 state.

    To achieve this state, the metal is strain hardened and then partially annealed to about a quarter of the strength between annealed (O) and full hard (H28).

    The raised bright diamond pattern on the surface provides excellent grip.

    Is the aluminum diamond plate sturdy?

    Aluminum pedals are commonly known as "diamond plates". It is strong, lightweight and ideal for wall and other low impact applications. And for protection and traction in high traffic areas. This material has very good corrosion resistance and is commonly used for rock protection and siding by trailer, RV and camper manufacturers.

    Our aluminum diamond plates are easy to clean and offer strong long-term protection as well as superior corrosion resistance.

    Aluminum Diamond Plate

    Contractors, manufacturers and installers commonly use this material inside and outside walls.

    Due to the bright and strong anti-skid properties of diamond plate, it can also be used for aluminum diamond plate floors, tool boxes, tandem trailer fenders, etc.

    How to cut aluminum diamond plate?

    To buy a diamond plate from Huawei Aluminum, you only need to provide us with the size you need, and we will cut it to the size you need with a shearing machine in the factory and ship it to your home. There is no need to buy a machine for cutting, and the size can be arbitrary. Customized.

    Huawei Aluminum sells diamond plate aluminum in various thicknesses and sizes, which are delivered to your home through a comprehensive logistics and transportation system, allowing you to achieve a "closer" experience.