Marine grade aluminum sheet

Marine grade aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet has many uses, for example, shipbuilding, automobile industry, mold production, interior and exterior decoration, etc. All aluminum sheets in shipbuilding are called marine grade aluminum sheet. There are special requirements for weldability, etc. Our common aluminum alloy models that can meet the requirements of shipbuilding are: 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, etc.

Marine grade aluminum sheet

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet

5083 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, a typical rust-proof aluminum plate, its corrosion resistance, workability, strength, etc. meet the processing requirements of marine aluminum plate, and it is widely used in the superstructure and upper devices of various types of ships (mast, chimney, gun of gunboats). seat, lifting device, etc.). At present, many foreign shipyards use this alloy as the raw material of ship plate.

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet also known as armor plate, these 5083 aluminum sheet are hardened to an H131 temper for increased strength and impact resistance over standard 5083 sheets. They meet MIL-DTL-46027 and are the grade of aluminum used for personnel carriers in military operations. 5083 is highly corrosion resistant and is especially suited for use around salt water. It also maintains its strength in extreme cold and can be used in cryogenic applications

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet

5083 aluminum plate is used for ships: commonly used 5083 H116/H321/H112/H131 state, mainly used in the deck, engine pedestal, ship side, bottom outer plate and other components of yachts, grain ships, fishing boats, work boats, sand ships and other ships .

Chemical Composition Limits (WT %)

Silicon 0.4
Iron 0.4
Copper 0.1
Manganese 0.40-1.0
Magnesium 4.0-4.9
Chromium 0.05-0.25
Zinc 0.25
Titanium 0.15
Others, each 0.05
Others, total 0.15
Balance, Aluminum

Typical Mechanical Properties

TemperTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation
O (annealed) 42 21 14
H112 43 23 10
H116 46 33 10
H321 46 33 10

What are the excellent characteristics of 5083 marine aluminum plate:

  • 1. It has low density and high strength.
  • 2. Good corrosion resistance and good performance in seawater.
  • 3. It is easy to process, and the sheet can be bent, saving a lot of processes.
  • 4. Excellent welding performance and easy to weld.
  • 5. Not easy to burn, easy to recycle.
  • Advantages of marine aluminum sheet:

    1. Aluminum has obvious weight reduction effect, energy saving effect and environmental protection effect, which helps to improve the balance, comfort and safety of transportation vehicles. It is the most ideal for realizing lightweight, modernization and high speed of transportation industry. key material.

    2. The application scope and proportion of aluminum materials in rail vehicles, automobiles, ships, ships and containers are increasing day by day, and all-aluminum modern transportation tools have emerged in large numbers. The transportation industry has become a major user of aluminum materials, and the rapid development and wide application of aluminum materials are partially replacing steel as the basic material of the transportation industry.

    marine aluminum plate marine aluminum plate

    5052 marine aluminum plate

    5052 aluminum plate is AL-Mg series alloy gold aluminum plate, which is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. , Street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products, electrical enclosures, etc.

    Thickness: 0.15-600mm

    Status: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, etc.

    Minimum Quantity: Production according to customer demand

    Typical applications: oxide material, trolley case, 5052 fuel tank material, LCD backplane, tank material, door panel material, etc.

    5052 marine aluminum plate

    How strong is 5052 aluminum?

    Overall metal strength is measured by factoring together yield strength and tensile strength. Yield strength looks at the strength of a metal’s shape; measuring the point at which it permanently deforms. Tensile strength (also referred to as ultimate strength) measures the level at which metal can be stretched before it breaks.

    The strength of 5052 aluminum sheet is also determined by temper and is broken down as follows:

    Strength, KSI Tension Elong. In 2" Brinell Hardness (500kg load; 10mm ball.) Ultimate Shear Strenght, KSI Endurance* Limit, KSI Mod. ** of Elast. KSIx10***
    Ultimate Yield 1/16" Th. 1/2" Th.
    5052-0 28 13 25 30 47 18 16 10.2
    5052-H32 33 28 12 18 60 20 17 10.2
    5052-H34 38 31 10 14 68 21 18 10.2
    5052-H36 40 35 8 10 73 23 19 10.2
    5052-H38 42 37 7 8 77 24 20 10.2

    5086 marine aluminum sheet

    5086 marine grade aluminum plate is rust-proof aluminum plate, it belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy, easy to weld, it has moderate strength and strong corrosion resistance in seawater, and it is widely used in ship's hull construction and deck, ship side, ship bottom outer plate and so on.

    5086 marine aluminum sheet

    Typical Standards Of 5086 Aluminum Sheet

    Temper Thickness (Metric/Imperial) Width Length
    5086-OInquire for sizes
    5086-T4Inquire for sizes
    5086-T6Inquire for sizes
    5086 Pre-Aged T4Inquire for sizes

    Chenical Properties Of 5086 Aluminum Sheet

    0.40%0.50%0.10%0.20-0.70%3.50 - 4.50%0.05-0.25%0.25%0.15%

    Mechanical Properties Of 5086 Aluminum Sheet

    TemperUltimate Tensile StrengthYield Strength%
    5086-O44 KSI14 KSI16%

    5754 marine aluminum sheet

    5754 marine grade aluminum plate sheet has excellent corrosion resistance especially to seawater and industriallypolluted atmospheres. 5754 Aluminum Sheet has the characteristics of moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing and forming. It is a typical alloy in Al-Mg alloys. It has high strength. This high strength makes the 5754 very suitable for ship applications that require both strength and seawater corrosion resistance.

    The common alloy number of our 5754 aluminum sheet are 5754 h22 h32 h111 aluminum plate sheet.

    5754 marine grade aluminum plate sheet is widely used in welded structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship structures and offshore facilities, transportation tanks and for the requirements of excellent processing performance, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and moderate static strength occasion.

    5754 marine aluminum sheet

    Applications Of 5754 marine aluminum sheet

  • ~ Treadplate
  • ~ Shipbuilding
  • ~ Vehicle bodies
  • ~ Rivets
  • ~ Fishing industry equipment
  • ~ Food processing
  • ~ Welded chemical and nuclear structures
  • Chemical Composition Of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

    Chemical Element % Present
    Manganese (Mn) 0.0 - 0.50
    Iron (Fe) 0.0 - 0.40
    Magnesium (Mg) 2.60 - 3.60
    Silicon (Si) 0.0 - 0.40
    Chromium (Cr) 0.0 - 0.30
    Copper (Cu) 0.0 - 0.10
    Manganese + Chromium (Mn+Cr) 0.10 - 0.60
    Other (Each) 0.0 - 0.05
    Others (Total) 0.0 - 0.15
    Titanium (Ti) 0.0 - 0.15
    Zinc (Zn) 0.0 - 0.20
    Aluminium (Al) Balance

    Generic Physical Properties Of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

    Physical Property Value
    Density 2.66 g/cm³
    Melting Point 600 °C
    Thermal Expansion 24 x10^-6 /K
    Modulus of Elasticity 68 GPa
    Thermal Conductivity 147 W/m.K
    Electrical Resistivity 0.049 x10^-6 Ω .m

    Mechanical Properties Of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

    Mechanical Property Value
    Proof Stress 130 Min MPa
    Tensile Strength 220 - 270 MPa
    Hardness Brinell 63 HB
    Elongation A50 mm 7 Min %