0.75 Aluminum Plate

Width 500mm-2800mm

Length 500mm-2800mm

Thickness 0.75"(19mm)

Alloy 3003, 3105, 5005, 5052, 5754, 6061, etc

Temper O - H112, T3 - T8, T351 - T851 etc.

Technology hot rolled ( DC ), cold rolling ( CC ), Casting and rolling

Certifications GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015

0.75 Aluminum Plate

What is 0.75" Aluminum Plate?

0.75" Aluminum Plate 0.75" is the Thickness of Aluminum Plate;

0.75"=19mm,so 0.75" Aluminum Plate is also called 19mm Aluminum Plate;

0.75" Aluminum Plate have Various alloy models, such as 3003 Aluminum Plate, 3004 Aluminum Plate, 3105 Aluminum Plate, 5005 Aluminum Plate, 5052 Aluminum Plate, 5083 Aluminum Plate, 5754 Aluminum Plate, 6061 Aluminum Plate, 6082 Aluminum Plate, and so on;

0.75" Thickness 5083 Aluminum Plate

5083 aluminum alloy, also known as aluminum-magnesium alloy, is a kind of anti-rust aluminum, because the alloy composition in the middle can increase their anti-corrosion performance, and the magnesium alloy content of 5083 aluminum alloy is high. 5083 medium-thick aluminum plate is mainly used in ships, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels and other fields.

  • 1. Domestic advanced slicing line to meet customer customization requirements
  • The main equipments include uncoiler, rough straightener, disc shear, oil cleaning device, fine straightener, pattern flying shear, belt conveyor, pallet table and high pressure pump station, etc., which can realize complete processing. The production range is wide, and the processing range is: 4-16 mm * 850-1800 mm * 600-8000 mm, which meets the vast majority of market demands.

  • 2. The industry's advanced polishing technology, the product is delicate and smooth, with uniform brightness
  • Through the pure mechanical principle, it can solve various problems on the surface of the plate, reduce the surface roughness of the plate, and make the appearance of the product uniform, bright and smooth. The surface of the treated sheet is fine, smooth and uniform in brightness.

  • 3. Ф660mm thick plate, the vertical and horizontal error of product specifications is less than 2mm
  • Ф660mm thick plate, according to the requirements of different customers, the aluminum plate can be sawed in two directions on the plane and cut into various specifications of aluminum plates. Accurate precision of finished products: Allowable error of vertical parallelism: ≦±2 mm, Allowable error of horizontal parallelism: ≦±2 mm, Allowable error of vertical and horizontal verticality: ≦0.1 mm/200 mm, Allowable error of diagonal line: 2.0 × width of aluminum plate ÷ 1000 mm, the surface roughness of the cutting section: Ra≦25 (when the feed speed is 1m/min).

    Features of 0.75" Aluminum Alloy Thick Plate

    0.75" aluminum alloy is a cold-treated forged alloy with high strength, much better than mild steel. The main alloying elements of 0.75" aluminum plate are zinc and copper. The addition of magnesium in the alloy can form MgZn2 with a significant strengthening effect, so that the heat treatment effect of the alloy is far better than that of the aluminum-zinc binary alloy. Increasing the content of zinc and magnesium in the alloy will further improve the tensile strength, but its resistance to The ability to resist stress corrosion and exfoliation corrosion will decrease. After heat treatment, very high strength properties can be achieved

    0.75" Thickness 4x8 Aluminum Plate Application

    Used in ships, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels and other fields

    0.75 Aluminum Plate
    Heat exchanger
    0.75 Aluminum Plate
    Car body
    0.75 Aluminum Plate
    Pressure vessel